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Intermediate Yoga and Meditation Course

Sundays 9:30 - 11:00 AM

Yoga is a complete system, as it is designed to balance body, energy and mind, it offers tools for coping in a balanced, stress-free way with life, it shows us ways of understanding ourselves deeply, and it helps us find our center. With a little effort and regular practice, one receives many benefits.

According to the vision of Vedanta, all our experiences stem from our innermost being, which is unlimited, formless conscious awareness. In this 8-session course we will explore ourselves as the awareful being with the help of yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

Whoever you are and whatever is your life-style, incorporating some yoga practice into your daily life can do wonders!

Fee: $100
Pre-registration Required

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Beginners Yoga Course

Weekday Evenings
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Yoga asanas and pranayama - for balancing body, energy and mind, stress reduction, increased awareness, and a wonderful preparation for meditation. Step-by-step instruction for beginners.
We will cover the basics of yoga Asana and Pranayama practice and relaxation techniques, as well as guidance for establishing and refining one's personal practice.



Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar

Tuesdays 5 - 6 PM (CA Time), Starting April 18, 2023

This course gives fundamental knowledge of basic concepts of Sanskrit grammar, such as verb conjugations, noun declensions, use of pronouns and adjectives, case and gender. Upon completion, you will be able to construct hundreds of simple sentences in Sanskrit and will understand much of the language's structure.

Pre-requisite - ability to read and write Devanagari




Gajananam and lotusVedanta Classes

The original and most authoritative teachings of Vedanta are revealed in the Upanishads, which are the latter part of the Vedas, the most ancient spiritual texts known to humanity. The Upanishads reveal the unity of the individual being and the universal presence, declaring that they are one and the same consciousness. Due to lack of inner clarity and the unsteady nature of the mind, we aren't aware of this basic fact and identify ourselves with situations and various notions. These in turn sow the seed for ups and downs, pain, suffering and disappointment.

Vedanta claims that one of the most misunderstood words in our language is "I". We take its meaning for granted without any analysis. Many other phenomena are thoroughly analyzed by us, such as atoms, stars, politics, etc., but we don't inquire into the inquirer itself. Different Vedantic methodologies are prescribed for discerning who it is experiencing the world through this body-mind-sense complex. Just as a map is necessary for reaching a destination, the teachings of Vedanta are the compass guiding the aspirant along the path of self-inquiry. Traditionally, Vedanta is studied by listening to the teachings from an experienced teacher, reflecting on them to help clarify our doubts, and meditating on these truths to enshrine them in our being. Vedanta offers a three-step system for gaining this understanding - Shravanam or listening to the Upanishadic teachings from an experienced teacher, Mananam or reflecting on them to help clarify our doubts, and Nididhyasanam or meditating upon these truths.

I am very grateful to be able to continue offering Vedanta classes remotely at these times, as in-person classes are not feasible. The study of this vision has had a tremendous impact on my life, as it helps one gain a deeper understanding of oneself. We take for granted our identity as an individual being - struggling with the ups and downs of life. We get exposed to some philosophical ideas about our identity as a conscious being, but seldom take the time to closely look at and understand this alternate angle of vision. The study of Vedanta is a systematic, in-depth inquiry into fundamental, deeper questions such as "who am I?" and "what is the source of this creation?". Vedanta claims that the source of our insecurity and discontentment is a simple misunderstanding of ourselves.

One and all are invited to join us.

Dakshinamurti Stotram (Online)
Thursdays, 6 - 7:15 PM, Starting May 4, 2023

In our week evening Vedanta class we will start studying this beautiful stotram composed by Adiguru Sankaracarya, the greatest proponent of Advaita Vedanta. The entire teachings of the Upanishads are presented ingeniously by way of glorification in this hymn. The verses depict the Self as the self-revealing consciousness, and the objects of cognition as drawing their very being from the one universal Self. Lord Dakshinamurti, considered as the first Guru of Vedanta, is depicted as explaining the teachings of oneness via silence. This silence is the background of that exists and of our own body-mind complex.

Bhagavad Gita (Online and In-Person)
Sundays, 8:00 - 9:15 AM - Starting January 15, 2023


The Bhagavad Gita is a unique scripture, which teaches both yoga and Vedanta. It offers guidance for living a balanced life while performing our duties and facing all types of situations. The Gita also helps the aspirant gain a clear understanding of his or her own Self, the limitless consciousness. We will take "deep-dive" into these teachings and their application and implications in our lives.

The Teacher
The classes will be taught by Gajananam, a direct disciple of late Sri Swami Vishnu-devananda Ji. He is the founder/director of the Vishnu-devananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Fremont, served as the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in New York in the 1990's, and has been teaching yoga and meditation for 30 years. Since 2013, he has been studying Vedantic scriptures in a traditional fashion at Arsha Vidya.

Email us at vishnuyoga@gmail.com to register.
Following the tradition of Vedantic teaching, these classes are free of charge. Donations are optional.




Retreat Day – The Science of Karma Yoga

Sunday 8/20 7:45 AM to 5 PM

Yukta Karmaphalam Tyaktva 
The united one, having abandoned the fruit of action, attains to the eternal peace.
The non-united, impelled by desire and attached to the fruit of action, is bound.
- Gita 5.12

Our lives are but a series of actions and experiences. We strive to "get somewhere", become more secure or happy, and get some peace of mind. If we honestly look at ourselves, how happy and secure have I become? How peaceful am I within?

The ancient sages have taught that the source of our problem is a mistaken identity - I take myself to be a limited being, while in essence, I am the unchanging, everpresent, universal consciousness. How can one see this for oneself?

The first step on this journey is loosening the bondage of karma, learning how to perform actions in a way that will free - instead of bind me.

Karma yoga is the science of selfless action - service of others before oneself and detachment from the results of our actions by offering them at the feet of the Lord and by a clear understanding of my True, Unchanging Self. This retreat day will shine light on applying the principles of karma yoga in our daily lives.

7:45 - 9:15 AM Meditation, Chanting, Introduction
9:30 - 11:30 AM Yoga Asana and Pranayama Class
12 PM Sattvic Vegetarian Lunch
1:30 - 2:30 PM Karma phala tyaaga - Renouncing the fruit of action
2:45 - 3:15 PM Mantra chanting
3:30 - 4:30 PM Action in in-action - being a witness of the process of action
4:45 PM - Tea and Conclusion

Kindly email us to register.
The program is by donation.



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Na Hi Jnaanena Sadrsham Pavitram Iha Vidyate
There is nothing as purifying in this world as knowledge
- - Bhagavad Gita 4, 38

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