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The 5 Points of Yoga

Swami Vishnu-devananda in Sarvangasana 

Swami Vishnu's 5 Points for Health and Happiness

Proper Exercise
Yoga Asanas (Postures) increase our bodily circulation, tone our muscles, ligaments, spinal column and internal organs.

Proper Breathing
Pranayama (breathing exercises) increase the oxygen and Prana (energy) within our system, and balance the whole energy system.

Proper Relaxation
Increases awareness, while soothing and calming the bubbling mind and emotions. Relaxation also decreases the physical and mental tensions.

Proper Diet
A Sattvic (balanced and pure) vegetarian diet renders the body healthy and aids in calming and controlling the mind.

Positive Thinking and Meditation
Cultivation of a positive outlook removes many obstacles along our paths, and practice of meditation helps us transcend our limitations and get in touch with our inner peace.

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