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The 4 Paths of Yoga

Swami Vishnu-devananda's master, Swami Sivananda, emphasized the practice of the Yoga of Synthesis by incorporating all four paths of Yoga. By spiritually developing the hand, heart, mind and intellect, one creates a broad and solid foundation for the spiritual quest.

Raja Yoga - The "Royal" path of concentration and meditation. By studying the nature of our mind, developing concentration and learning how to "thin out our thoughts," we eventually approach a peaceful and unpurturbed state.

Karma Yoga - The path of action and selfless service. One incorporates Yoga into all activities of daily life by absorbing oneself completely within the task now being performed, by offering all actions to the Divine, or by observing oneself as the witness of that which is being performed.

Bhakti Yoga - The path of devotion. The emotions, which at times pull us down or create confusion, are sublimated through devotion, which uplifts our souls, centers our awareness and floods us with inspiration. In this process we expand our hearts to include all and of offer everything to the Divine.

Jnana Yoga - The path of introspection and inquiry. We Delve deep within and observe who is looking out at this world through this body, mind and senses. We put aside all limited ideas and notions and inquire, "who am I?"

Dhanurasana (bow position)

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